Know Before You Go

What to complete before attending:

We are so excited you are planning on joining our team in Quebec City for an education filled event. 

  1. Complete your registration. Click here!
  2. Book your hotel. Click here!
  3. Check your passport. A valid passport is required if you are traveling from the US, so be sure to confirm your passport is valid or apply for a new one now!
  4. Plan your free time around Quebec City by exploring the city here.

What to bring:

Now that you are registered and ready to attend, here is our list of what to bring on your trip!

  1. A valid passport if you are traveling from the US.
  2. Your family! That’s right, we welcome all family members to explore the wonderful Quebec City while you are learning. If you would like to purchase a meal plan so family members are able to join event sponsored meal, please choose a meal plan during registration.
  3. A computer & notebook. We are very excited to offer 15 hours of education so come prepared to learn!
  4. Course notes & outlines will be available for download leading up to the event on our education page,